What Students Say About Mara:

Winthrop High Schools production of Golem (2019) (Brando).

"Inclusive and fun loving..."

"She's very inclusive and fun loving and has made herself fit in with the group of us. She always gives us valuable feedback and has caused us to think and act outside of our comfort zone... always with her support. No one feels uncomfortable going beyond their comfort zone because we all know that even if we make mistakes, she is right there with us. We have all done things that have changed us always with her support and unconditional enthusiasm and optimistic outlook."

- Danny (Golem; Winthrop High School)

"Positive energy spreads to everyone..."

"[Ms. Dale] is very nice and understanding. Her positive energy spreads to everyone in the class to make our learning experience better."

- Maddie (Golem; Winthrop High School)

"Understands the concept of drama..."

"I think [Ms. Dale] is amazing, and always is giving us positive feedback, and telling us what we could do better. She also understands the concept of Drama very well. Also, I think she is capable of teaching on her own and any class would be lucky to have her as a teacher."

- Winthrop High School Exploration in Theatre Student

"Played the piano and sang with us..."

"When she's teaching us a new stage game, or how to write a certain type of script, she moves around the room and uses different voices to keep out attention, and she makes the class fun and interesting. When we were writing songs, she even played the piano and sang with us, and it was really fun."

- Winthrop High School Exploration in Theatre Student

"Awesome, articulate..."

"She was awesome, articulate and really helped my son in his acting skills for a school play."

- Clarissa from Takelessons.com

"Helped me reach my goals..."

"I had a great first lesson. She listened to my goals and concerns about my voice and then in a short half hour lesson worked me though many exercises that really helped me address my concerns and are helping me reach my goals. She is friendly and easy to work with but good at keeping me on track."

- Nora from Takelessons.com