Teaching Philosophy


Teaching Philosphy

We will work, we will play, we will sing. Playfulness, compassion, and organization drive my practice as an educator. I believe that theatre is a vehicle for organized play. It fosters creativity, innovative thinking, collaboration, and empathy. Organized play gives us a safe space to reflect on ourselves and our points of view on the world. Students can gain confidence, make brave choices, connect with one another, experience being a leader, and engage in their community in and out of the classroom.

IEP's, ELL, ESL, and Special Education

I have experience scaffolding lesson plans to foster creativity, empathy, and collaboration for all types of learners. Using Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and differentiation, I vary the learning and assessment process for diverse individuals with differing abilities. 

Devising and Social Justice

Creating new work with students is a process that invites creativity and encourages innovation on a deeper level. Allowing actors to fully engage in the process as researchers, editors, writers, creators, and collaborators fosters cross-curricular engagement. Depending on the curriculum, I guide students to devise from fictional stories, poems, songs, non-fiction historical events or people, investigating current events, or exploring social justice themes and topics relevant to their community.